Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your facility located?

We’re located at 4255 County Road 6 in Erie, CO, just east of I-25.   The best way to get here is to take the Erie exit (232) and proceed to the east side frontage road.   Go south 1 mile and turn east on County Road 6.      We are the first driveway on the left.    We are in and out a lot, so please let us know when you are coming so that we don't miss you.

When can I access my vehicle?

We offer electronic keypad entry from 4 am to 11 pm every day. Just enter your security code at our keypad anytime you need your vehicle.     We prefer that you do any maneuvering of your RV or trailer during daylight hours if possible.   Please be sure that the make, model, and license plate # of all vehicles accessing the yard are registered on your account.

Do you offer pull-through spaces?

Yes! We offer both back-in and pull-through spaces.

What security features do you use?

Our property is fully fenced and accessible only through our electronic keypad entry gate between the hours of 4 am and 11 pm.     This helps keep your unit more secure.  We also have multiple security cameras on site.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes!  We offer online bill payment.   Simply set up your online account by using your account # and exact unit name.  Alternative payment methods include using our on-site drop box, or mailing checks to PO Box 146, Erie, CO  80516.

Can I pay month to month?

Absolutely!   You can make monthly payments or pay ahead as you wish.   Monthly payments can be made automatically to your debit card, credit card, or bank account or you can make the payment online or mail your check to us at PO Box 146, Erie, CO  80516.  We do offer discounts for yearly prepay. 

How do I set up autopay on my account?

You can access the autopay settings for each space individually under 'View Rentals' in your online account portal.   If you are changing your autopay card number, enter the new card information and switch the autopay to your new card under 'View Rentals' for each space.

How do I pay for my spaces individually?

To pay for spaces individually, select the 'Other Amount' option in your payment portal.   This will allow you to specify custom amounts for one or all of your spaces.

What kind of promotions do you offer?  And how do I do it?

Our start up special gives you 2 free months when you pay for 10 months within 6 months of your start date.     At any time after that, we offer 1 month free when you pay for 11 months.    To take advantage of these promotions, log in to your online account and select make a payment.   Select 'Current and Upcoming' and add additional months until you arrive at the correct total.   We will credit you for the free month(s) on our end.  You may also call 303-828-4940 and we will do it for you.  Any unused prepaid storage will not be eligible for refund,  but will be held as a credit for future use.

How do I set up an online account portal?    

It is quite easy to set up your online account.   Go to, click on 'Make a payment' and then 'Sign Up'.    You will need an exact unit number and account number to get it set up the first time.    This information can be found in your storage folder, in your welcome email, or on your monthly emailed invoice. Set up a few security questions and payment method and you will be on your way.    If you need any assistance, please call 303-828-4940.

What can I do with my online account portal?

The online account portal is useful for making or tracking payments, editing your billing information, managing your autopay,  move outs, etc.  The  'Account Settings' tab will help you edit your billing information, contacts, and passwords.   The 'View Rentals' tab will help you with autopay settings, payment history and documents.   Gate code information can be found in the Welcome Letter under View Rentals' and 'Documents'.

What about insurance?

Your insurance is what protects you if your stored item sustains any damage due to weather,  collision, theft, or other causes.  We heartily recommend that you have sufficient coverage for your item.

What if I get a new RV or new license plates?

If you get a new RV or new license plates, we will need to know right away.  To update your unit description or license plate, please send an email to or through the contact link.      For new items, we will need to know the year, make, model, VIN# and license plate number for our records.   A new parking permit sticker will be placed on the unit as soon as possible after your notification.

What if I forget my gate code, unit name or account #?

Your gate code, unit name and account # can be found in the folder given to you at check in, also in the Welcome email sent to you at that time.   If you need further assistance, please call 303-828-4940.